Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 sets with the broadcast; China is the upcoming high-definition TV era

Recently, SARFT issued a circular calling from next month on the 28th, the other CCTV 5 Home Appliances TV stations will adopt a high standard definition with the broadcast. This is all over television, television program producers will be the impact? China HD TV time is coming? High SD Simulcast Requirements: 3 years to achieve full HD broadcastThis year, the development of radio, film and television sector will focus on high-definition television as. Recently, SARFT issued a "SARFT on Promoting the development of HDTV notice", according to this plan, CCTV, Beijing TV, Shanghai Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, Hunan Satellite TV, etc. 5 sets of programs, will officially become the September 28 broadcast "high, standard definition with the broadcast," the first "who should move." Upon request, with the broadcast of HD channels broadcast the first year rate and high definition programs broadcast with the rate of higher than 50%, 70% higher than the second year, third year and strive to achieve full HD broadcast. First and second year high-definition channels during prime time (18:30-23:00) should all broadcast HD programming. "Network News", "Focus," "Happy Camp" and other popular TV shows will achieve high-definition broadcast. SARFT official said the Division of Technology, HDTV is Radio and TV The inevitable trend of technological progress is an important part of digital television. At present, digital television has been more than 50 million users, popularizing high-definition, on the one hand meet the needs of users, on the other hand can promote the technology upgrade, stimulating domestic demand. In charges, cable digital network (ie complete digital converter cable network) should be full access by the end of September to begin broadcasting, this group of high-definition channels and do not charge access fees, no extra charge to the user; terrestrial wireless broadcast HD channels not encrypted, not fees. The "not an additional charge to users", refers only to this by the end of September will be open for five high, with standard definition broadcast channels, not including the original premium HD channels. TV: put hundreds of millions for equipment modificationLate next higher standard definition with the broadcast of five television stations, the ongoing intense preparation, and put in no small cost. Beijing TV technician said that Beijing Satellite TV broadcast HD and SD sources of the same two channels, but two different formats, will broadcast programs according to different sources, so some technical processing. Now part of Beijing sets new site Studio HD configuration is also equipped with two cars and some high-definition HD cameras, recorders. The HD channels to broadcast the Beijing platform and urgent from Europe, Asia and the United States, ordered HD equipment. As high-definition filming equipment, production and broadcast on standard definition with very different, on the cameraman, Light, Stage art, make-up, also made very high demands, there are already 100 photographers in a professional training. It is reported that on May 1 last year, the Beijing Olympics HD channels TV pilot. For this reason, Beijing TV, more than 300 million yuan investment in the provision of equipment protection and technical support. Addition, the Hunan Satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV also said that September 28 has been high and standard definition simulcast ready. Hunan Satellite TV, said relevant, high-definition broadcast of the video room, Broadcast Cars back in the first half of this year already ready when the time like a cartoon, will carry out high-definition television broadcast, and is broadcast in "Meteor Rain" is also a high definition version. Hunan Satellite TV has also invested a small fortune in fees. Reporter has learned that after CCTV, Shanghai TV, Beijing TV station has been completed within the digital transformation, but due to small number of high-definition television channels and the lack of profit model, local television stations were not enthusiastic about the digital transformation. Digital television is transforming the cost of procurement of major equipment and layout of high-definition HD studio, and the construction of high-definition programming launch system, the cost is lower than the cost of wired network transformation, but to some operational difficulties in the provincial satellite TV is still in the game. Television program production side: the number of production programs will speed up"HD equipment is very easy to change. But the key question is now broadcast on television like most is the model, we produce high-definition programming and no meaning." Nation's largest commercial television production and distribution of the light Media Ltd, said the officials, as television producers, regardless of content or format of broadcast television stations had to meet the standard, but now the situation is in addition to CCTV's HD channel, most TV stations are still in the analog signal. Therefore, high-definition programming to make the light even if no market. "HD TV is most important is signal transmission structure of this network." The SARFT issued a notice to promote the development of high-definition television, but also improve the program producers on the production of high-definition television programs enthusiasm. The person concerned said that the media has already planned light to convert high-definition equipment, projects have been established over, only the television stations there after reunification, we can immediately put into production. In addition, the light media content library being digital transformation. "Our program library for the future of digital is high, SD preparation, to be completed in October on the company before the digital transformation of the program, and we will update the figures for all of the code system." In operating costs, she said she would not add much, "Early renewal of equipment running is definitely yes, but in post-production on a more simplified." Ago with analog cameras, post-editing computer also needed to do to import the digital future can be done directly. Market: high-definition TV show positive short-term difficulties To watch high-definition television is an essential condition of the user to install high-definition set-top box or buy high-definition TV. "Now is not the high-definition set-top box installed for free set-top box." Gehua staff said the higher price of high-definition set-top boxes, the cheapest was 1880 yuan, in addition to 2880 and more than 3,000 styles. Users wishing to view high-definition television, but also asked the Office of jurisdiction of the song Chinese business, where it can receive HD signals. According to industry sources, a single high-definition television programs is the development of countries in the early high-definition digital TV a common problem. Because high-definition digital TV programs produced and broadcast equipment acquisition and production are very expensive, require significant capital investment, it certainly can not be achieved in the early stages of development as in the past so rich ordinary television program content. Short-term popularity of HDTV is still very difficult, very difficult to show positive

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